Sunday, April 21, 2013

Total fail.

I completely had sex with him.  How did that happen?  I was running late and had him come over to meet me here - can you even imagine it never even OCCURRED to me that he would try to have sex with me?  I'm not even fucking kidding.  I got all ready - we even walked the fucking dog and I primped some more and as I was putting on my coat he grabbed me - and that was that.  I did resist for like 14 seconds.  I even let MORE fucking hair grow in - on my legs too - thinking that would stop me if somehow he came over later tonight.  Right?  What?  Are you following me?  I even SAID - no I can't fool around - I didn't shave anything and he said he was willing to take the risk.  After we had sex he looked at my legs and was like "Oh - wow - you really didn't shave."  THEN when we were outside I said "What level of hairiness does it take for someone to actually resist fooling around and he said "another week."  Ha!  Fucking jerk.  We got ice cream cones, got burgers, went to the movies.  Um - I can tell you this much - that movie The Lords of Salem is fucking HORRIBLE.  I fucking did not like it - ew.  Neither did he.  Ew again.  Ew some more- ew.  I said it was a good thing we had sex before that movie because there was really no way that was happening afterwards - it's so creepy and awful.  And just - seriously?  I'm not going on.  I don't know - oh boy.  Well - um - okay - well - I think he still wants to see me more - I thought this was one last date but now - I just - I can't handle it.  Really?  I just LIKE him - we have fun - so what.  I'm fun.  I have to go to sleep - I have to work in the morning.  Love you Buebie.

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