Friday, July 26, 2013

Ugh - this job.

I'm at the boutique and - okay - I'm so grateful I have a job - I really am - beyond.  But she came in here the other day and FREAKED out on me and I just am having trouble getting over it.  I'm trying to no give her my power and listen - it was all her - for real.  She called me and it was really busy and said "I'm driving in from the Hampton's and I need you to print these reports for me - I will be there in 2 hours."  She tells me what they are - sort of - I have NO idea what she is talking about - I tell her I will do my best but it's really busy and I might not be able to figure it out.  She calls me back and says "Always help the customers - customers first."  SO I SOLD SHIT TO CUSTOMERS BECAUSE IT'S HER STORE AND I DON'T KNOW HOW TO PRINT OUT FINANCIAL STATEMENTS OR EVEN WHAT THEY ARE OR WHERE TO FIND THEM.  So what happens?  She comes in - yells at me for not printing out the right stuff - talks to me like I'm fucking retarded and says "I will email you things if you need to see it written out when you don't understand what I need."  I say I didn't know what you wanted and it was busy - I helped the customers.  She says - "Well you should have called QuickBooks and I say I DID THAT'S WHY THOSE REPORTS ARE PRINTED.  Then she yells "This is going to be the end of me!!  The end of me!!!"  She yells at me more - throws a fir - then tells me to call QuickBooks again - which I do and move as faaaar away from her as I can get because I was so physically jarred by her behavior.  It was like she was being a 3 year old - for real.  The she says "DO I HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING AROUND HERE?"  She's never here.  Then she says "When I need something done - whatever it is - I need it done."  This is the thing - she sat down and it took her about 2 hours to figure it out and did it herself.  If she didn't even know how to do it - how was I supposed to know how to do it?  So it's all good - I'm totally over it.  I have to go bye Bluebie.

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