Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I am so glad that bat shit crazy looking lady didn't just come in here.

Holy fuck balls what a horrible day.  I have totally raccoon red eyes from this free eye cream and it also looks like I am having a face allergic reaction to something - is it the mushrooms growing out of the ceiling of my bathroom?  I don't fucking know but that's happening too.  My sponsor broke up with me yesterday - which is fine and I'm sure for the best but it's not fun - it's not fun at all and now - now my phone has shut off and won't turn back on.  I spent an hour trouble shooting with 2 different companies that I finally realized didn't know what was happening - ha.  Fuck.  What else?  Well - nothing I guess.  I'm okay - I'm nervous about my eyes and my infected face - I did have hummus on Sunday and I know that doesn't work well for me but - it looks like - well maybe the eye cream was - what?  I have no idea.  Maybe I'm just having a hard time.  Fucking fuck balls.  What is good?  I'm sober - I did just talk to a woman who gave me her number from Facebook and called me here at the sore when I told her I needed help.  I'm at a job in a cute dress she gave me from here - thank God and I brought an apple and a Kind bar here with me and I have lots of water and I can eat today, I have an audition, a meeting to pick up a script and a show to do tonight so things are not that awful.  I'm just having a hard day.  Oh - I think I can check my messages from this phone.  Thank GOD I am here today.  Yeesh.  Thanks for listening Bluebie - love you.

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  1. Guess what? She looped around twice and did come in - without her fucking glasses - why don't any of these women get CONTACTS if they think they look so terrible in glasses???