Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In other boring news...

yesterday I kept seeing these couples that match each other - I see them all the time.  It occurred to me that I can't find someone to match me until I know who I am.  That's all.  Ugh - I feel so gross and the women are SO NUTS today.  A woman came in who was drunk - or tipsy at least - red cheeks - exaggerated movements - booze smell wafting out of the dressing room - so sad and bizarre.  I mean - I was her you know?  She looked really great in what she tried on but she thought it didn't look good and she kept saying "If you had it in a large I would totally take it - in a heartbeat!!"  Okay - great.  Then she said "Order it in a large!!" like this is fucking McDonald's and I can just do that.  We had it in a large lady - we don't anymore - the end.  I guess part of me was jealous - how does she get to be drunk in the middle of the day?  I don't know - I am so sexually frustrated - holy shit.  I just want to go home and lay down - I so totally have my period.  No way - is this lady drunk too - I will just flip out.  What the fuck.  Okaaaaayyyyy - what's good?  I'm reading a great Stephen King book - totally into it - love horror - love it so much.  Love you :Bluebie bye.

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