Tuesday, July 9, 2013

I'm back - I'm bored.

I have been watching different seasons of shows and I'm realizing - and I already knew this but I'm realizing it again - that comedians write themselves these shows.  They are often the writers and the producers.  I'm so bored, frustrated and confused.  Who the fuck am I?  I don't even know my fucking TYPE anymore.  The part I auditioned for today was for and old stripper who is a murderer.  "STILL SEEKING!!!"  Fuck.  Okay - so I have these 2 book ideas - short story ideas?  I don't fucking know - I need structure.  It's so slow and this is the perfect place to write and have some structure.  WHAT?  I mean this is at least the perfect place to organize myself and figure out how to have some structure.  I miss my dog - so barf.  When are they giving me back her ashes already?  ONLY FIVE MORE HOURS!!!!   AhhhhhhHHHHHhhhhhhaaaaa - awesome.

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