Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm at the boutique and all

I want to do is order a hawaiin omelet and a giant creamy coffee. I have to say I am so confused as to my new disdain and lack of interest towards acting and comedy. What the heck? I just need to keep meditating that's all. It will all be okay. I'm going to just keep doing what feels good - that's it. It's such a lovely, windy day. I hope ladies come in today!! The second bird cage is built - hilarious. This beautiful black guy who I made out with once asked me for coffee. When I say beautiful I mean beautiful - he's sooooo pretty. He makes me look prettier that's how pretty he is!! Hahhaa - I'm not even kidding. I don't know that there is actually fire between us and I get kind of a player vibe off of him. I would go to coffee with himthough - for sure. He said the time we made out I told him I swallowed glitter during my show and I was afraid I would have diarrhia. Oh my God - really? It does sound like something I would say. Now I think I could actually just say - no. Okay - um - time to gooooooo and just sit here and wait. I am clean, with food and water. Amazing right?? Bye Blueb.

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