Thursday, June 16, 2011

At the boutique.

It's an absolutely beautiful day outside and so far the only thing that has happened is the ConEd guy came. I sent him away because he made me nervous and I'm alone. It was super weird. I asked him to come back on Friday when the owner is her and he just slowly shook his head no. Kind of hilarious but still weird. So I'm eating some cherries and I brought enough food with me for the day. If I don't spend any money while I'm here I will start to really be able to save money. Okay. The picture project for my parents is so intense. Downloading all the photos takes forever and there are so many years to go through!! 60's, 70's, 80's, 90's, and the 00's through 01!! Maybe that's how I should group them. It's already 15 minutes long. I'm not so sure anyone wants to watch that for that long. I can speed up the photos. Kids, grand-kids, animals, marriages, and more animals. Maybe I should just stick to just them. What? I have no idea. There are just so many pictures. The crazy part is that I haven't even really done so many. I'm going to do a little research. I have to a lady is here. The ConEd guy came. He was a hunk. So weird. I made him nervous. Haha. I have to go - byeee Blueb!!

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