Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Earrrrlyyy morning!!

Holy cow - it's 6:30 in the morning. I have to be up so early to make it back to my commitment in time. I did my ammends yesterday with my best friend here in Ct. She was very gracious and kind about it and said she's happy I'm sober and to just be happy and fly. Haha - it took her only 1 hour after that to try to hook me up with one of her husbands friends. He drinks though and I can't go there. It was a gorgeous day and we went for a walk along the water near her house and dragged her son in this cart. She asked him if he wanted to walk and he just shook his head no - hilarious. I went in her hot tub with the kids and that was fun too. Poor doggie still has diarrhea but she's not quite as explosive. We got the DVD of all the home movies my parents have - you know converted from Super 8 to DVD. there's like one shot of me as a little girl. I mean a baby. Toddling around - little buck toothed blondie. Very sweet. It made me cry - I'm not sure why. I think I can put some of the movies in with the picture video montage. I saw someone do that online. My parents are laughing about something downstairs. It's gorgeous again here today - suuuuny. I can hear roosters crowing and the highway going by in the distance. Everything is so lush and green - flowers blooming all over the place. Even just the wild flowers are so pretty. The dog was limping yesterday also. She was hopping around on 3 legs and one of her ears was flopping because of it. It was so absurd, heart breaking and adorable. Ah this dog is such a trooper I swear. I have only a couple of days to finish the video montage as the free trial is almost up. I need to buy a new DVD player burner also. Oh boy. It's good I am going back to get this project done and get back to my sober life. It is ridiculously gorgeous her though - very hard to leave. Okay - gotta get ready. This lap top is so nice to write on. Bye Blueberry!!!

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