Thursday, January 16, 2014

Can't go without meetings.....

Well so you know sometimes I make the mistake of listening to what other people do and think I can do the same thing.  I kept talking to people these last few weeks who only go to meetings twice, 3 times a week - 4 - 4 times a week and so I was like oh - great - I am going to less meetings and so last night - I didn't go to a meeting and then but this morning - by the time I got to work - CRAZY.  Some man bumped into me getting off the bus so I FOLLOWED HIM until I could walk past him and GLARE at him.  Did he notice?  No - he was on his phone and he was in his own world.  Rude?  Yes - but would that have bothered me nearly as much if I got to enough meetings this week?  No.  I mean I missed going on Monday also and then 2 days last week and actually only 20 minutes on Friday and a short meeting on Saturday.  So - yeah - oh well - I guess I just have to accept I need a meeting everyday and I am once again reminded that this has to come first - staying sober.  That's a lot to accept I guess but I have to be responsible or I'm a dick.  There's already too many overly sensitive crazy pants in the world who don't even know they need programs to function better.  That is really selfish of me if I KNOW I need programs and know they help me - to not take advantage of them.  Okay I love you Bluebie bye.

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