Wednesday, January 29, 2014


It snowed again but it's sunny today so that's nice.  I made it to the store on time today and I was only 10 minutes late yesterday.  I have been getting in the shower earlier and timing myself wherever I go so I understand how long it takes to get places.  I just can't handle the anxiety of being late anymore.  I'm also sticking to my schedule of going to a meeting everyday.  Also - what?  I forgot what I was going to write.  Oh!  I'm going to go to a dance class again tonight!!  Oh BOY!  I tried something on in a store the other day and it looked like my entire leg was made of cellulite!!  HA - oh dear LORD - I was like - ooof - that's just a lot considering I have skinny legs - Jesus.  Okay - so who cares but it did make me realize my workout schedule is lacking so even though it's fucking freezing out I am going to this dance class.  What else?  I had my acting class last night - that was good - you know - that man talks A LOT.  So very much - about himself.  Okay anyway a customer is here she just scared me - people are so desperate when they shop - holy fuck.  I'm all off myself now - she's got a creepy looking long gray braided husband or something outside pacing back and forth waiting for her.  Ha - and - weird.  Oh I figured out how I can help the world more or at least the alcoholic one.  I'm going to help bridge the gap.  Help people go from rehab to their group homes.  Something like that.  Yeah.  I don't really know what I am talking about but I want to do it.  More on that later bye.

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