Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Well the good thing is I'm freaking out.

I am so tired suddenly right now and I'm going to my dance class and I am wondering why in the world I would want to do that?  I am so over heated right now it's INSANE and I have no idea why.  I have pms.  That's why.  Lamest mystery solved.  Holy fuck I need to go for a walk.  I am having some green tea.  What else?  I spent hours talking to the guy yesterday - hours.  What should I call him?  Doesn't he need a name?  Did I give him one already?  Why is it suddenly SO fucking hot in here - holy fucknuts.  Okay - overall I feel better because I have gone to a meeting everyday since Sunday.  I just need to go to a meeting everyday - that's it.  Maybe I am poisoned from the guy painting in here at the store.  I have heat, paint poisoning.  I am saying how great I feel and then complaining - right - RIGHT ON.  Okay anyway - I'm so crazy for this guy and I feel like "Leave me alone - come closer - stop paying attention to me - keep looking at me!  Text me every second - go AWAY!!!"  Now at this moment he is working and I'm so annoyed - meanwhile I am exhausted, sweating because I just realized the heat was on and what?  WHAT????  I need to get some exercise and get OUT of here!!!!  Jesus.  I don't want to feel my feelings - I want HIM to feel my feelings!!  Which is ALWAYS my problem.  Thank GOD this guy doesn't live near me.  Jesus.  IM MY OWN PERSON.  What???  Love you Bluebie BYE.

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