Friday, April 11, 2014

Great class.

Had class tonight - was so wonderful - working on Shakespeare.  I'm starting to understand more that Shakespeare is just about the language....which ironically is what my therapist told me tonight is what my therapy is about.  just talking it out - talking it out and making it better.  About stopping the resistances I have to being the happiest I can be.  I just need to talk my way out of it I guess.  I am so tired and I have some sort of cold or allergies.  I get to see him again tomorrow night and he is coming here again to my apartment.  It's really only half clean - I just didn't have time.  But - well - um - oh well.  Right?  Ugh - anyway - I need to go to sleep and I forgot to call my sponsor today and I thought of it a million times.  I saw my sponsor for 3 hours - does that count?  How in the world am I to get out of my own way?  This is something I have heard from numerous teachers but especially voice teachers - that I'm in my own way.  Now my therapist has alluded to it.  Alluded to it?  I have t go to sleep and wake up and waitress brunch.  Love you Bluebie bye.

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