Saturday, April 26, 2014

Rejected by the lesbians.

Went to the lesbian meeting tonight - they asked if I would speak next week - I said yes.  Then I got home and called and asked if I needed to be gay to speak - they said yes.  Gay or bisexual.  I said "Oh - well I'm very open - so but um - no no I'm not gay."  She was like "No - sorry - you can come to the meeting but you really can't qualify."  I felt so fucking dumb.  Who gets rejected for NOT being gay?  And who says "Oh - I'm very open but..."  What the fuck is that??  I have been going to that meeting and not being sure whether or not I should be there - just doing what my father taught me which is - If you don't want to hear no - don't ask.  Well so there you go - now I know and I heard - no.  I feel like such a turd.  Well at least I stayed sober today.  Maybe tomorrow I can actually help someone else - that's more of the point I think.  Good night my sweet Bluebers.

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