Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Paid my taxes and other annoying things.

I actually paid my taxes.  Last year I set up a payment plan to pay them and it took forever and was really annoying.  This year because I worked extra at the store I just paid them all in one shot.  I actually paid my taxes instead of buying shoes and a purse.  I have to wonder if I didn't have this job if I wouldn't have to pay any at all but whatever - I paid them.  Then today I was going to the restaurant before the boutique and I was going to pick up my check - right?  So I could pay other bills.  But I was running late and I didn't care - I was like "I'm going to get my check, then I'm going to get to work late and pay all my bills and that's fucking IT."  Then I thought how I have enough money to pay my bills that are due right now - I can go tomorrow and pick up my check - right?  Then - THEN - I got off the train and got to work right on time.  I actually did the right thing and HOW ANNOYING IS THAT???  Unreal.  It's raining - no one is here at the store but I did the right thing.  I have no fucking idea how I was able to do that.  I am literally in awe of the fact that I could pay my taxes, and fucking get to work on time and not do what I wanted to do instead.  It's so fucking annoying.  Love you Bluebie bye.

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