Monday, April 7, 2014

Aaaand I changed my mind again.

As soon as I spoke to him today I felt differently - better.  Okay - fine.  Did I say he sent me flowers to the store last week?  Amazing.  I finally had a chance to go get them today and they are absolutely gorgeous.  Fine.  I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning, went to rehearsal and remembered last minute of a show I had to do.  ugh - it was pouring rain and I got so wet on the way there - had a totally mediocre set.  Then I walked back through the rain to get to a meeting - then walked more in the rain to host an 11 pm show for 2 people.  2 of the nicest, most amazing audience members ever.  So bizarre.  Now I'm home.  I was blown away by these 2 kids who performed on the show last - they were 18 and 22 - they really wanted to get onstage (again - 2 people in the audience) and they were really sweet and hard working.  Great attitudes.  Again - the perception - you know?  I feel like it was another rough day but I did my best.  I feel like it was kind of a set-back comedy-wise - I was having such good sets and I was so much better at -  what - schmoozing?  Please - hello - I was soaking wet and I didn't have a great set - who cares.  I was a great host for 2 people so whatever!!  Love you Bluebie bye.

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