Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Saw her son......

You know awhile ago I wrote about a woman who died and I saw her son at a meeting on Saturday.  I went to the meeting with my guy - you know and we had to sit in totally different areas of the room because it was packed and I was in the back and looking at everyone and I saw this kid who I used to work with.  Or I thought it was him - I kept staring at him and then at the end of the meeting he stood up and it was him and we both started crying.  Now I'm crying again.  I mean his mother died you know?  She fucking died at 50 from this disease.  Holy shit - I mean she was sober when I met her and then she picked up again.  So now he's in the rooms and doesn't have that many days - it's really fucking scary.  I'm so jealous that my friend built a website and so I got in touch with this kid to be of service - I've said some prayers and meanwhile - I'M AT WORK TOO.  I mean I'm so upset she built a website while she was working but NOTHING is stopping me from doing it!  I'm just sitting here talking on the phone, eating, crying, texting - searching yeast infection emotional problems online.  I even went to fucking Duane Reade!!  Anyway.  Dear Lord let me untangle these pointless knots.  I need deep conditioner for my soul.  Love you Bluebie bye.

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