Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day

It's Labor Day. I made fantastic money last night at work and it wasn't that difficult. I said in my mind how much I wanted to make - take home with me and I made 2 dollars more than that plus my shift pay. How amazing is that? And now today I have the day off so I can clean up - clean the dog and do some laundry. I should get my sister a card. She left yesterday and it was soooo sad!!! Oh my God!! I took a nap right after she left and I fell asleep but 2 minutes into it I waoke up witha start thinking - oh she's gone - it made me sick to my stomach. We had such a good time and she was so nice to me!!! She bought me dinner, lunch, brunch and gave me the cutest card. My friend - ugh - what do I call him on here - um - Gary - no - um - Linol - Linol bought us dinner the night of my one year and I got brownies and a gorgeous cupcake and another card!!! I even wore heels and a cute dress. WE had so much fun.. We sat at a bar ironically enough but it was fine. I'm now in my second year and so I guess I get to date if I want to but what I really want to do is find a gym with a pool. I do love that YMCA on 14th street - it's gorgeous. Ugh and figure out how to make some money and how to love myself more. I'm having some fruit right now so that is a good place to start. Then for dinner I will have some chinese food - sounds good to me right now. Okay. Hmmm - I'm a little nervous - this is weird. I'm actually one year sober. I actually did not drink or smoke pot or shop or have sex or do anything to hurt myself this year. And I did up until the 9th step!! I need to keep going on the steps. So I guess I will do that today also. Work on the second personon my list and then call Victoria and do what I need to do for the first one. Yeesh I'm starting to get a little grumpy - I'm so tired. I need my coffee and I need to go outside. I miss performing. Okay - well I need to go - I will come back and write more. I would like to figure out how to make this more - something - arty - it feels pathetic someohow. But I love you blog and I always will. Thak you for a great weekend and for such amazing people in my life!!!

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