Saturday, March 1, 2014

Rice pasta.

I love rice pasta - it cooks super fast and it's not made from wheat so my system handles it better.  Just now I got home from work and I made rice pasta with asparagus, super greens, organic garlic and olive oil.  What?  It was fucking delicious - oh and sea salt.  I worked that brunch today and did I write last week about the man who wrote the nasty comment card about me?  Gave me (HA!) a 5 out of 10 stars (um - he made up the rating system - we don't have one) and left an 8% tip.  He was also really mean to me when I waited on him and I was nice back - I really was.  I threw out his comment card and I was so hurt by it and upset that I had to go for a walk outside to calm down and pray.  I know it sounds ridiculous but he was awful.  SO GUESS WHO ONE OF THE FIRST CUSTOMERS WAS TODAY??  8:45 - he sits in my section and looks at me like he's never seen me before.  He had a slightly less psychotic look in his eye so I didn't recognize him at first but then he ordered the same tea, toast - pancakes and eggs.  Unreal.  I must have had my mouth hanging open looking at him - and I was FURIOUS.  When I tell you I wanted to take a shit in his butter - I am not even fucking kidding you.  The amount of self control I had to use in order to not do something to his tea or food was HUGE.  Especially because the other waiter was like "DO IT!!!"  I mean - why did he come back?  I finally asked the other guy to drop off his check and this time he left a decent tip and he walked away looking so - sick and suffering.  WHICH UPSET ME EVEN MORE.  That's who that man is - isn't that the saddest thing in the world?  He is someone who goes in someplace - says he hates it - is really mean and awful - and then goes back 3 days later and wonders why he has diarrhea for a month.  But the real lesson I learned?  Walk away.  I did not feel better until I stopped helping him in anyway and I will never wait on that man again - ever.  I don't deserve to be treated that way and more than that I never have to help anyone ever again who does treat me that way.  I mean tonight someone's phone on the train was driving me bonkers so I got up and moved.  After I stared at them 10 times - but still - I finally got up and moved and I felt better.  My instincts were to fight with this man or do something really nasty to him - but the most kind thing I could do was just stop interacting with him.  And I mean kind for myself.  Okay - well - I'm going to take a bath.  I deserve a bath right?  When am I going to stop being a waitress?  I'm sick of being a victim of people and their eggs.  OH BOY - LOVE YOU BLUEBIE BYE.

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