Thursday, March 27, 2014

Am I boring?

Maybe I am going to have to change the name of this blog to Boring Blueberries and Dreams.  Haha - I don't know - who cares.  Maybe me being more sober and less hormonally and emotionally imbalanced is a little boring but SO WHAT.  I woke up so grumpy today after working all day yesterday, going to a dance class, walking to a book signing, then getting to a late show and performing at 11:30 at night.  Holy fuck!!  It was so fun!  I almost died in the dance class.  You know I forgot what I was just going to write.  Oh yeah so last night the audience was so warm - so wonderful and it was SO hard to take!!  Lord I have to work on being able to be vulnerable and receive love.  There was someone famous there too and I went up first so that was hard but I think I did an okay job.  No no - I did well - I just you know - was a little nervous?  Maybe I was just where I am - how about that?  I had a BLAST and I made people laugh so whatever.  I am so tired and fried.  Do you want to know my lesson for the day?  So I woke up late, got ready slowly and when I went to get into the shower - no hot water.  I call the smoking super who tells me to wait 20-30 minutes for hot water.  I  thought he was waiting for oil - because a the gay bed and breakfast whenever there was no hot water it was because he needed oil.  Okay so I thought all the times I have called the super and told him I needed hot water and he told me to wait 20-30 minutes that he was getting oil or waiting for oil to  come.  OKAY??  So I was PISSED this morning there was no hot water and I thought it was his stupid smoking super's fault until my friend told me that the boiler needs 20-30 minutes to reheat the water.  Then she told me that everyone else used the hot water because they got in THE SHOWER SOONER.  So I thought I was a victim and I was but OF MYSELF.  I mean when I called the super and I asked how he was (before I asked about the hot water - I am very polite) he said "Good just working, working."  And I was like "YOU ARE JUST (only in my head) DOWN THERE SMOKING!!!! I CAN SMELL IT - WHY AREN'T YOU WORKING ON THE WATER PROBLEM???"  Good lord and I just needed to get in the shower sooner and everything would have been fine.  Maybe - who knows but I wouldn't have learned that victim lesson.  Or not victim lesson I should say.  MAYBE IM NOT BORING AFTER ALL!!!  What?  Bye.

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