Monday, March 3, 2014

Also I dreamed....

we were on my parents farm - near the back of one field that is lined with woods - one of my nephews went into a area that turned out to be a lake of some sort - quick sandish.  So he fell in and was having a hard time swimming and then he turned into one of my sisters.  So I wanted to help and I started to move carefully towards her - she was making her way to the side - with difficulty but I didn't want to fall in so I slowly sideways moved along foot by foot so as to make sure there was land underneath me.  She almost got to the side as I got there and I gave her my arm and pulled her out.  She was all wet and kind of flustered but she was like - okay - yeah.  This was the drinking night dream - so the night before last night.  Seriously - I wonder why I dream so much?  All night long these dreams.  I NEED TO GO TO WORK.

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