Friday, February 14, 2014


I went to the Laundromat - dropped my card (you can't use change there - you have to use a Laundromat card) - convinced the only other man in there - with his Grandpa - stole my card.  Found it - picked it up - kept it.  My card with 6 DOLLARS ON IT THANK YOU VERY MUCH.  So I asked the ladies who worked there - bought another card and glared at the man for 5 minutes and finally decided that it was great I could buy another card - I'm sure he didn't KNOW it was my card when he picked it up and I could FELL IN MY BONES MY CARD ON HIS BEING.  Right?  Then I decided to do what I have been doing lately and say "Kindness, Love, Compassion" over and over again - so I did - I told myself that even though I KNEW he ha my card - I didn't really know and so I stopped glaring at him and kept saying that over and over to myself and did my laundry.  As I'm folding the woman who works there (OF COURSE) walks over to me and says "Did you find your card?"  I say no - she hands me my card - which I left in one of the machines - in the slot.  OKAY???  But then I say to myself - "This can't be my card - THAT guy has my card - I can FEEL it."  So even though it looks like my card and feels like it (really) I went and checked the money on it - well also - what if it WAS someone else's card?  But no - it had 6 dollars on it and it was my card and WHAT A DICK AM I???  Do you know I almost ASKED the guy if he by any chance FOUND a card???  I'm such an a-hole.  I mean not really - it makes me sad that my first notion is that someone would do that - I mean my experience is most people DON'T do that.  They turn cards in - they give back phones - they are kind.  Oh my dear Lord - Happy Valentines Day - at least it's not snowing!!!  Also - it is a blessing to be sober.  Talk about a long, slow recovery.  I LOVE YOU BLUEBIE BYE!!!!!

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