Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I'm so uncomfortable.

So so sososososososooooo uncomfortable.  Are you feeling me? So uncomfortable.  I like this guy - I like him so much.  He's sweet and we talked on the phone before for over an hour (which I'm at work but no one was in here) and he asked me some questions and I answered honestly.  What can I do - I did.  Then he was nice and understanding and - well - look I'm just fucking flustered.  Then - just now I sent him a text and he wrote back and was SO nice - and real and I AM SOUNCOMFORTABLE.  I mean - he's still married and I just - ugh - look I have raging intimacy issues anyway - even if he wasn't married I would be uncomfortable.  I'm uncomfortable because I am getting to know him and oh dear LORD - it's so hard.  Okay - anyway.  I have to go - I have done nothing all day at this store except eat and talk on the phone.  The owner just came in and I had like 4 windows open.  Okay - whoa.  Bye.

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