Thursday, July 10, 2014

Mnd blown.

Just read about Buddhism and trust issues.  I have trust issues (I know gross - that I have them and that I'm even writing about this).  WELL - turns out what  thought was trust - isn't.  My form of trust is staring, calling, watching, freaking out and clinging - while the person is a human being and going to fuck up anyway.  Well - this is sort of what the Buddhist thing I read said - and this is what everyone keeps trying to tell me....Universal Trust - knowing that everything will be okay if I stay present, act with integrity and live with my own personal trust.  I'm probably not saying it right.  Trust isn't one person or one thing - it's bigger than that.  My mind is so blown right now ad it's also so fucking freeing.  I'm next to positive I will freak out again in the next 4 hours but at least I have an awareness of some other way of existing.  K love you bye.

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