Friday, July 11, 2014

I had the day off!

I got my cable fixed, prayed & meditated, went to the doctor, came home and went for a walk in the park,did some yoga - meditated again and then I had tea and now I'm having coffee, wrote in my journal and now I'm writing a run-on sentence on here.  I forgot that I ever had days like this!!!  All I did for so long was work - holy shit - so it has been so nice to have a real day off.  I was thinking about writing murder mystery erotica so I just did some research but it was all dumb.  Or I don't know - it didn't even turn me on reading about it - hahahaaa - not that murder would turn me on bu the erotica part.  Oh GOD - now I'm back to who the fuck am I and what am I doing???  I suppose me writing mystery erotica would help the world somehow right??  Gotta goooo Bluebers - love you bye.

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