Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lots of work.

After lots of talking and phone calls and not reacting to my feelings I am better today - although super bloated from the weekend of steak and cheese.  Ugh.  I'm listening to an alanon meeting. 
I don't know - I just feel so grateful that I am in these programs - I really am.  I just want to keep growing and being kinder to myself and others.  I started to practice benevolence and I put it into my meditation this morning.  So.  One day at a time - how amazing how long these days are!!  I mean yesterday I went to an eye appointment, worked (went to work before the appointment), went to a meeting, saw the guy, grocery shopped and what else?   I don't know.  I mean it is mind blowing to me that I do things.  Have a day you know?  Amazing.  He is such a nice, sweet man.  I feel so grateful for him.  Man - I am so fucking bloated.  OKAY I LOVE YOU BYE.

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