Thursday, July 17, 2014

The Diamond Cutter.

I'm shaking because I'm so hungry.  I woke up late and didn't bring food with me because I thought I wouldn't be hungry because I had this huge rice bowl yesterday that I kept burping up during my dance class.  Meanwhile I have never in my life not been hungry past 10:00 in the morning if I have woken up a couple of hours before that.  What even is that?  It's like thinking I won't be tired at 2:00 in the morning because I'm not tired at 10:00 at night.  Oh my God - the food came and it was wrong.  HA.  Okay now I'm waiting for the right food - I would never do that normally but it has like 27 pieces of tomato on it and I couldn't even take it off the sandwich.  ANYWAY.  Well it's good I took care of myself for once - usually I never say anything.  Okay - back to the Diamond Cutter.  I've been practicing the Diamond Cutter principal which is that in order to get - one needs to give and give from a loving place.  So if I want to make money performing - I need to give money to performers and also support their performing emotionally.  So last night (this is my favorite example so far and even if nothing comes from it - it is an example of me being kind just for the joy of being kind - which normally I am kind for some other reason - great and right - exactly) I took the train home and these 2 older men get on - one of them with a keyboard around his neck and then they start singing that song "All my life - I pray for someone like you..." - right?  They were singing in harmony and the fact that he was plying a keyboard that was slung around his neck - I just LOVED it.  I didn't have any money - I had given my last dollar in change to the basket at the meeting I went to and I REALLY wanted to give them money and then I remembered a 2 dollar bill I had in my wallet since I left that restaurant - you know - my lucky 2 dollar bill that I would never use?  And I was like fuck it - I'm giving it to them - they made me so happy and they sounded so good - so I dug it out of the side of my wallet and gave it to them.  AND IT FELT SO GOOD.  Oh my fucking God - I am going to die where is my sandwich????  So I'm going to keep Diamond Cuttering it and eat breakfast regularly.  LOVE YOU BLUEBIE BYE.

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