Thursday, July 24, 2014


What a weird thing we do - count our days of sobriety.  Well it really is like I was reborn so there you go - now I'm 1784 days.  It's sunny out today and the store has been busy so that's good.  I started a new blog - one where I won't be talking about sobriety.  Does anyone have 2 fucking blogs where they talk about that - dear GOD.  Anyway - so I have a customer in here and she's verrry tall.  The owner is tiny and she buys tiny clothes - so whenever tall or big people come in here - it's strange.  Ugh - anyway - well that's not the worst problem is it??  She just left.  She was gorgeous too - and she looked WAY confident - I guess she's totally fine with being tall!  We are going to see a show tonight and I danced last night and met a sponsee at a meeting.  I'm just trying to stay focused on myself so I don't lose myself in the guy.  But I can't wait to see him tonight!!!  Okay - I threw around a bunch of stuff upstairs looking for the right size for someone so I need to fix it.  Love you BLUEBIE!!  Bye.

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