Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Walking Dead.

Fucking AWESOME SHOW.  Holy fuck - I love it.  One of the bartenders at work made me promise I would at least watch the pilot - I did and then I watched 3 more episodes.  So inspiring.  I'm at work and I am not a complete psycho and I have on the cutest shirt I got from the Gap for 9 dollars.  It was on sale for 12 something and then it said an additional 30% off sale stuff.  So I went to pay and the guy didn't take it off and I was like "Um - the sale items are an additional 30% off right?  He was like - "oh was this on the sale rack?"  No it was on the full price rack - now everything at the Gap is 12 dollars.  I felt only a little stupid but what the heck - 30% off is 30% off!!  It is the cutest shirt but it is so wrinkled - I should just steam it with the steamer from here.  Okay so wow - why am I afraid to write?  Something about the coat I wore here today smells like salad dressing.  I think after this weekend what I have walked away with the most is making a new plan.  That's all.  I need to start with being excited to wake up in the morning to go to jobs I want to go to.  I want new jobs and I want a boyfriend.  That's it.  I gave the dog a make over last night.  She always hates it when I do it but then she's so happy to be clean - it's hilarious.  It's so much easier to take care of her in this apartment.  Everything is easier.  More expensive but easier.  The steamer is on.  Bye Blueberry - time to steam.

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