Thursday, November 15, 2012

WOW - just WOW.

I saw Grace on Broadway last night and it blew me away.  My date?  Not so much - she slept - hard through the first hour.  Hilarious.  I had google the show after my friend told me about it (she had a life changing experience via it) and there is a Wikipedia page about a play called Grace - but not the one I saw!!!  I kept waiting for the actors to change into other people and for the plot to change into the one I though it was going to be.  Someone also puked all over people down near the front and that was very chaotic but overall it was mind blowing and Michael Shannon is such a gifted actor.  They all are but WOW - he blew me away.  WOWOWOWOWOW - so beautiful.  To be able to express yourself like that - so authentically.  Cleanly.  Cleanly isn't the right word but it really was.  Gorgeous.  In a beautiful 100 year old theater.  That is when I love it here so much.  The magic of a  beautiful show in a beautiful place.  I got home and they had fixed the water damage, put in a fire alarm and put up whatever that stuff is called along the floor?  What is it called?  Well it covered up one mouse hole and has taken away the cat pee smell of the previous tenant.  Ah - I found it - baseboard molding.  Seriously - how fucking amazing is that?  I have to say the dog seemed a liiiitle freaked out but she was okay.  They had assured me they would be careful of her.  There is a gash in the floor that wasn't there but honestly - who cares?  So this time - this apartment - there was water damage and I asked them to fix it and they did.  I never wanted Creepy to fix the water damage in my room because I couldn't handle him working in there for however many days it would take.  So bizarre.  One day and done.  It's not perfect and I am going to have to clean my ass off tomorrow - for sure.  I just got so sleepy.  What was I doing this time last year?  Well I wrote on here - I was in an okay place - I sounded a little manic but that's okay.  To be fair Creepy would have fixed my room but sometimes when he would fix things it would take him weeks because he would get high in the middle of it - fuck it all up and lose focus.  Anyway my rent never went up either.  Oh dear - I'm so grateful I don't live there anymore.  More growth forward.  House guest tomorrow!  Another chance to get it all clean and ready!  I wish I had stools and a couch without mice in it.  Ha - gross.  Or cute!?  Maybe it's cute to have a mouse nest in my couch.  I'm pretty sure the only people that think like that are those ladies in that movie Grey Gardens.  GROOOOOWTHHH.  My morning readings said to move towards what is light and easy.  To go towards the light.  Um - that sounds scary with this creepy song playing on the radio.  Love to you Bluebie.

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