Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Monjave Moon

is the worst movie I have ever seen!! I have no idea what happened in this movie - at all. So bizarre and then I dreamt all night long about Angelina Jolie. Yeesh. I just chatted for almost 2 hours with a guy I have know from - uh - work I used to do for at least 10 years. Meaning I have known this guy for 10 years and have to go to sleep. He's a nice guy but he's a pothead. Not like the crazy totally fucked up kind but - well the kind that smokes pot. And I'm not going there but it was totally fun flirting with someone. Yes it was!! Work I used to do? Like I was a hooker or something. From comedy!!! Jeez - I'm trying to be mysterious and I can't - I can't remember what I've written on here. Anyway - I went back to the gym and I already feel more tired. I also saw the gorgeous guy there again who had the WORST sneaker sock combo going on. And I couldn't see what his thumbs looked like. Plus - who cares? I'm going to a new hym. I hope. I can change my mind. Right? What the fuck? Anyway - I'm so tired. I'm going to get off this thing right now. He's so sweet that guy. Like 2 years ago he said he had been waiting 8 years to have dinner with me and he would wait another 8 if he had to. Hilarious. Oh my ego is loving this!! Anyway. My 8 th step is on Friday - I'm so excited. I wish I could just really get it in my head that these meetings and the people - meaning THE MEN are just my friends and that we are all there for healing - that's it. I will get it. My heart just goes out to this one guy but ALL the girls have crushes on him. Seriously - I need sleep - I'm boy crazy. 9 months sober and I'm giving birth to a horny teenager!!!!! Jesus. Goodnight lambchop.

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