Saturday, June 5, 2010

It's early!!

For me - I'm usually still sleeping but honestly I love being awake in the morning. I really enjoy waking up about 8 a.m. and going to sleep about midnight. Give or take and hour in either direction. Well that never happens but today I'm awake because I'mgoing to see a show. It's a few short plays all written by the same woman. A girl from an acting class I took - oh actually I think 2 girls (women) are from the acting class. Well I hope I get inspired. Anyway I ama wake and I have not written here so I wanted to really quick. It's Saturday at 10:14 a.m. and it's really sunny. That's nice. It's also hot - but that's cool too!! I'm having some coffee that I made here in my room - WHICH I LOVE adn which is saving me money. For sure. That fucking lady slams her door SO LOUD when she leaves her room. What the fuck is that? There are soooo many people in this house right now - like 10 guests - maybe more. Thee's a wedding today. The guy who owns the bed and breakfast - his best friend is getting married today. But fake married becasue he does some illegal activities so she doesn't want to get in any trouble so FAKE married. But a REAL wedding. Oh - okay - cool. They are really nice people I guess - that are staying here - they were making her cake last night - that is so sweet. I act like such an asshole at my job. But I don't like it so how else would I act. I want to be around better people and do something that I like. Okay - great. I'm depressed. Whenever I wake up my first thoughts are - it's to late - I fucked everything up I'll never be famous or happy or or or or. How awesome is that? Ugh - my psyche makes me crazy. I have to go and shower really fast and walk the dog. Come back here and go to work early and go to my parents tomorrow. My father's birthday party. See you soon. Write you soon. Ugh. Sigh.

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