Thursday, May 13, 2010

I'm new to this and each time I have written a post I have posted it before spell checking it. Or sentence or syntax - or whatevering it and apparently you can't go back in and fix what you have written? I'm not sure who I'm asking since no one is reading this. I'm having a bit of a challenging day today - sobriety wise. I'm REALLY REALLY SUPER sensitive inthe emotional department and to say that it's overwhelming to feel all my feelings without buffers is an understatement. What is really amazing to me is that this is kind of the easy part. Since I don't have a relationship or children or even crazy work - I am able to spend a lot of time healing. I go to meetings often and I now go to the gym a whole bunch - okay - at least 4 times a week average now - and for me that's A LOT!!! I wasn't doing anything for the first 5 months of my sobriety. So - wow - I feel so much better after writing this - I really love this blog. I was going to change the name but I don't know how so I guess it stays Blueberries and Dreams. Ahhh - it's a tiny little bit dzorky (I want to say GAY but it sounds mean) but I like it. Okay - I'm going to walk to work but first go to a meeting and qualify. That's when you share with everyone your story - pretty crazy - but for me hearing those stories is oh so helpful. I don't mean to rush things but I think I love you blog.

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