Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My very first blog

This is my very first blog. I want to remain annonymous because I want to be able to be honest. I am starving for creativity and especially writing. I write in a journal all the time but this feels different and I LIKE it. Holy crap - I have been on quite a ride so far in this life. I am finally sober (yes - like THAT) and I am so grateful although completely lost creatively. I am just over 8 months sober so I am still in the phase where I am not supposed to worry about my ruined career or my lack of - creativity. How many times have I said that so far?? Jesus. Well - it's where I am. Sober and lost. I was a bad drunk and I'm a woman and that look gets old really fast. Plus I was a pothead and add cigarettes to it and that all equals - NOT SEXY. Ugh - puking is the worst and hang overs are worse. I do not regret getting sober - I'm just - not knowing what to do with myself and it's frustrating. I love blueberries - they are very helpful to the healing process and I can tolerate them. Blueberry juice is one of my favorites and blueberry green tea is soooo yummy. The Republic of Tea makes a great one. And dreams are what we are made of and I'm a big dreamer. I always have had my head in the cloudsbut I believe in dreams - having them and following them. So this is my Blueberries and Dreams Blog. It's nice to meet you.

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