Tuesday, March 21, 2017

The hotness.....

The guy playing my husband is so fucking hot. I just looked at his girlfriend on Facebook and she is also gorgeous and she looks so nice.  He has the fucking harries arms and it's so - attractive.  So when did this happen in my life? That hair became so attractive? It's so hot to me! Is it because I'm not eating gluten?  That's  all I'm not eating.  Just gluten. I can't put down the potatoes or cheese completely yet. Come on! Who can do all that at once? He's so hot he makes me want to be skinny. Um I'm not going to be but I want to.  Hahahaaaa. Anyway I'm having fun and made it through rehearsals today and hair, makeup and costumes. Man did they make me look like trash.  It was great! I've noticed myself bullshitting while on this trip.  Trying to sound like I'm doing more than I am or something. Also the other night at the club I noticed myself bullshitting COMPLETELY. As I was saying what I was saying I said to myself  "why are you saying this you don't believe that?" But I said it anyway and then tried to defend myself. Because the other person was like um no.  I just got my period I'm so tired. Right as soon as I was done today I got it.  How nice of my body to wait till I had a break. Now I just need to figure out how to get someone to drive me to a meeting tomorrow night. I just have to be ballsy that's all. I can do that. I have the next 2 days off but I have soooo much to do. So much work to do and work on this script. It is absolute heaven having my own room. I just can't be around people all the time. I'm so hungry to do more comedy. I wish I could do more while I'm here or I mean any while I'm here. The town is so tiny and most of it is closed because it's the off season. I mean I love it I can't help it. Comedy. I find it interesting. I just watched someone who was on Colbert last night and he's so fucking funny - I wish I was half that well- written. Is that a word or thing?  Whatever he is I want in on it. I'm actually going to take a few minutes and work in my set. I'm a comedy nerd maybe. Maybe. Bye.

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