Monday, March 20, 2017


How did it not occur to me that people would want to go out and drink? Jesus fucking Christ.  Okay I worked it out - I said I needed to organize myself in the room, got in here and texted and said I needed to go to bed early. Which I do. And this by the way is why I fell apart last time. I went out and was hung over and a mess the next day or at least just not totally fresh and ready to work.  My roomies over looking the lake and it's gorgeous.  The lake is frozen over and has snow all over it. There are evergreens surrounding the bloke and it's fucking gorgeous.  I wonder what lake it is? Ha! Where am I? We drove almost 5 hours to get here and it's literally in the middle of nowhere - it's awesome! I can't wait to get out there tomorrow. Why didn't I bring boots I can walk around in? I will go buy some so I can get out there. Anyway I'm tired for real - I've been up since 4:00 and I did a show last night. How do I take care of myself and not be rude? I'm not sure. Anyway this is super exciting.  Can't wait to get started filming.  My eyes are burning. I'm watching women's basketball to just drown out the thoughts in my head saying I should have gone out with them and just eaten a steak. I don't need a steak or drinks. Fuck. My Dad loooooooved women's basketball. Loved it. So fucking funny. He was a good basketball player.  He was 6 fort 2 by the time he was in 8th grade.  Holy shit! He said his coach was so excited because he thought he would keep growing but he didn't. Haha that's funny right that it's sad he was only 6'2"? I'm so tired. Okay so I'm going to take a shower and go to bed.  Uh oh someone fell down on the court and needs her leg rubbed.  No wonder my father liked watching this.  Love you Bluebie byeee.

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