Sunday, March 5, 2017


So his ex came back this week but he just told me last night.  HE said she showed up at his office and knocked on the door.  He told her to go away and she said he had to talk to her.  Then he said no I don't this is inappropriate and she said okay but what is inappropriate is you not talking to me.  I guess in her mind when you get a divorce you still hash out stuff with your ex for a few years after the fact.  OKAY WHAT????  Jesus Fucking Christ!  He THEN told me that she actually shows up at his office every 6 weeks or so and just parks on the street and then moves the car around so he will notice her - some crazy shit like that.  Just sits there.  Then I guess this week that wasn't creepy enough for her so she showed up at the door.  Okay I get it.  I really fucking get it.  I hang onto shit for dear life decades after I need to.  But holy fuck.  Well anyway that's not even why I'm writing this.  I'm writing because this morning while I was doing yoga in the living room I noticed someone walk up the path towards our door.  I thought to myself oh it must be the woman who lives upstairs but then as I continued my yoga I didn't hear her door.  Then I saw someone drive across the street in a white car and it was parked where she parked last time and I was like HOLY SHIT - THIS FUCKING NUT BIRD WILL NOT GIVE UP.  I don't think she was here having to do with me - I think she was trying to get to the guy and maybe realized he wasn't here or lost her nerve I don't know.  You cant park across the street so it wouldn't be the older woman who lives upstairs and why would someone else in a navy blue coat who is small walk up near our door?  So my reaction was - okay that's it.  Last time I was still like "Okay lets just shut the blinds and keep the doors locked - I'm ignoring this."  Now?  Now I'm like okay - we are opening the blinds, I'm watching, I'm ready to take a picture and if I see this woman near my house again I am calling the police - the end.  Its actually making me FOCUS.  I feel for her - I do and it completely sucks to not be able to accept.  It sucks more than anything in the world.  But she seems like she is getting worse - not better.  So anyway I just wanted to write this down.  I a so tempted to write her name her oh wait did I do that last time this happened?  I have to look.  Okay well otherwise I am having a nice day and it's sunny out.  gotta go - love you Bluebie bye.

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