Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Okay so I stayed in the hotel all day and had a nice lunch, jogged and took a long shower. I have a car coming to get me to bring me to a meeting that I hope will be happening.  I called the number I found for AA here and this sweet old man answered and he sounded like y father until he started to really all and I heard his mid-western accent.  He took my number -pulled his truck over so he could write it down and the called me bac to tell me what meetings he knew of.  I almost started crying. I woke up a little bit of a mess and felt off my game you know? It made me feel a million times better that someone was willing to reach out there hand. He sad it's a service position. One person takes the phone line for 3 months and then someone legs does it. Can you imagine!? How beautiful is that? He just waiting for some alcoholic to call and ready to pull his truck over and write down a number so he can get home and look I his meeting book or do whatever that person might need help with. Holy fuck. For nothing. I'm just about to cry again. Everyone here that I'm acting with has Southern accents and now I feel like I'm getting one - at least in my head anyway.  Okay so I've done some work and I'm ready to go to the meeting. Some drama on set because the drone got caught in the tree or in a tree I should say.  Yikes. With the camera in in and the tree was over the water. Yikes again. There is a shit ton of people here working on this movie. Okay well I should do some more work. Love you Bluebie bye.

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