Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wednesday is as good a day to suffer as any....

LOL??  Well - so - yesterday was the anniversary of the terrible thing and it was such a sad day.  Do you know I didn't even know it was the day - I just started crying while I was drinking my coffee and I had no idea why.  Then I was talking to my mother and she - I had to ask her when it was and she said "today."  Isn't that crazy?  I had no idea but I knew.  My psychic powers are all in my body.  WHAT?  Okay - well at least that made me laugh a little.  I'm still sad today and my class was amazing last night - so great and even though I was exhausted I still did the work.  My upstairs neighbor woke me up at 6:30 with the vibrator he knocked onto the floor and left buzzing there for 3 minutes.  I was SO fucking annoyed and I was cracking up.  What the fuck does a 70 year old MAN do with a vibrator?  I was imagining myself going up there and knocking on the door and saying "Um - hi I'm your downstairs neighbor and I was just wondering if you could pick up your vibrator - I'm trying to sleep!"  Or "Hi - I'm your downstairs neighbor - nice to meet you - I was just wondering if you could use your breathing machine later in the morning?  (I would be pretending like I didn't know what it was)"  He doesn't even speak English that well and so that would cause a problem.  While I was walking the dog yesterday he shuffles out of his apartment - all innocent and old man like.  I mean - I don't get it - do men USE vibrators?  Am I missing something?  This morning he was totally banging up there - the floor started to creak and I was like - you go get it!  He gets so much action!!  Ha - I should call the management company and complain about his early morning vibrator dropping on the floor and letting it spin for 3 minutes.  Hahahaaa - that really made me laugh.  HOW MUCH MORE AWESOME IS THIS THAN LIVING WITH PRINCESS BORIS AND TALL NOT SO DARK AND CREEPY?  I am still so sad even after all that.  I have a writing date with the guy tonight.  I'm nervous and tired.  More will be revealed I guess.  I have to go and feel for myself.  I love you Blueberry.

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