Sunday, December 23, 2012

Look at me.....

Shut the fuck up I am typing on my laptop and I figured out how to make it wireless.  Hold on - I'm going to go in the bedroom and see if this works.  Holy shit!!  Wait - I'm just typing - that doesn't mean the connection is working.  THIS IS SO FUN!!!  I'm wireless!!  I am getting rid of the computer that I bought with my ex-husband!!  That's sad.  It was a sad thing.  Another sad thing happened.  A woman I used to work for died.  She was an alcoholic like me and when I met her she was sober and then she relapsed.  It's so so so sad.  I found out at work last night and I really was so upset all day today - especially because I didn't get to pay my respects.  I loved her.  I want to get in touch with her son - he must be devastated.  Ugh - this day was tricky.  I went Christmas shopping and really - why would I wait until December 23rd in New York fucking City to go Christmas shopping?  Yeesh - it was insane everywhere!  The trains, the streets - everything.  I did it though and I got myself to my meeting in midtown which was also insane.  I want to do comedy again.  I miss it so much it's heartbreaking.  I'm such an emotional mess.  There was no heat when I woke up today and it was okay - it's not to cold.  I prayed & meditated - did all my things and then got all naked and went to turn on the hot water and realized that if there was no HEAT then there was no HOT WATER.  Fuck - I reaaaaally need a shower now.  A shower, some yoga and I need to do more stuff for this computer including the warranty and I need a case for it.  What?  I also need to put up these shelves and organize a bunch of shit - papers and that stuff over there on the counter.  This is so boring.  I don't know - I'm a wreck.  I love you Bluebie.  If I wasn't sober I wouldn't know you.  Bye for now.

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