Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Laptops Work Better on My Lap

Just saying.  Anyway I am so tired.  I went back to work today with the kids - which was great - I missed them.  I am however now exhausted.  Which is okay except that I am terrified to be exhausted.  I have so many fears now - two of them are stress and exhaustion.  These things were so intense in my life before I found out I had cancer and they feel so bad in my body when they happen now.  A little stress is exciting but too much and it feels toxic.  So does being too tired.  It's such a catch 22 with the tired though because if I'm not tired enough I don't go to sleep at night.  Anyway right now I want to take a nap but it's 5:46 in the pm and that's nuts.  No one takes a nap at 5:46 in the pm.  So anyway....here I am - so sleepy and trying not to sleep.  I went for a long walk this morning and I'm taking pretty good care of myself.  I have other work to do.  I love you Bluebiebye.

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