Thursday, September 20, 2012

More will be revealed.

That's what everyone and the program says.  I went home last night because I was so exhausted from working here yesterday and I didn't get enough sleep AND I didn't shower and so I went home instead of going to ballet.  I got home and put on clean, comfy after work clothes and it was TOTAL heaven.  I spent time with the dog and I washed my underwear in the sink AND I re potted a plant.  I got Chinese food and took out the garbage and the recycles and that was fun too!  I vacuumed and got to sleep at a decent hour and I woke up completely on time.  Then I went back to sleep and woke up so upset.  I cried in the shower - haha - not really funny but kind of funny and then I went to work.  Somehow though, because the apartment was clean and because I took care of myself - I felt better by the time I got here.  I don't know - I don't understand anything at all but somehow I feel a little better.  I was being so hard on myself and then I was like - well this isn't helping so I stopped.  Just a day at a time.  Okay - I'm signing out of this most boring blog post ever.  Right now I am so grateful to be sober.  I don't care how nerdy that is.  I really am.  Bye Bluebs.

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