Friday, December 14, 2018

A List.

Here's  list of what is happening with me right now:

1. My hair is growing back
2. My pubes stopped being white and don't even have grays anymore - WEIRD
3. My eyelashes have grown back almost 3/4 of the way.
4. I got up early this morning so I have time to write this list.
5. I don't know
6. Reading Jessi Klein's book You'll Grow Out of It and it's very inspiring to the writer in me
7. Snake Doctor says no more sugar - today is day 5 no sugar
8. #7 is a lie because I have had some sugar in my bacon (comes in almost all bacon) and in the rotisserie chicken I got (also most rotisserie chicken has some sugar)
9.  BUT I haven't had candy, chocolate, muffins BREAD, cheese on and on
10. #9 is a lie because I have had Lily's chocolate bars or one bar but it doesn't have added sugar just stevia. 
11.  Snake doctor also says NO DAIRY.  Only he says it very calmly and WITHOUT SHAME. 
12.  I made an amazing mushroom, potato soup with lots of garlic - I pureed it and although it looks 100% disgusting it's delicious and extremely comforting to eat.  I ate some yesterday before I went to the kids - 2 bowls!
13.  I went to an outgoing with my guy and another woman last night (it's where you go speak at another AA meeting and "carry the message" basically).  I FARTED THE WHOLE TIME FROM THAT FUCKING SOUP.
14.  I will eat more of that soup today I don't give A FUCK.  It's good and I'm not wasting it.  The whole time I was farting I was like "Oh well I'm farting WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO?"
15. I have been putting a castor oil pack on my breast and it's helping.
16.  My boobs look crazy but I don't care.  I love my body and its scars.  I am grateful and I am going to do the best I can to heal myself and allow myself to be healed and trust my body.
18. I have to go.
19.  I have to go because I need to exercise and I don't want to.
20. I still have to go.

Love you Bluebie byeeeeeeee.

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