Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Where am I?

I'm asking you not me.  No - I'm telling you I guess.  How passive aggressive is that?  Anyway I'm at work - I'm here a little bit late - I'm going to a later dance class so I have a little extra time before I need to leave.  I like the guy so much - awwwwww - he's so so great - so sweet.  Anyway - I'm excited to go dance.  I had a great acting class last night and I hosted a show - and that was fun.  I'm so fucking tired but I'm drinking coffee and I feel grateful.  Don't worry!!!  I'm sure it will change.  I just can't believe how tired I am except I guess I really am packing the life in and working stuff out with the guy is really tiring.  I mean working things out in a good way you know?  Who the fuck would want to be polyamorous?  I mean who the fuck has the time to work anything out with more than one person - fucking total barf.  Okay gotta gooooo walk and work out, go to a meeting and be exhausted again tomorrow.

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