Thursday, May 22, 2014

Rage and sympathy cards.

I'm so totally angry right now - for reasons I'm sure having nothing to do with reality.  I still fell quite frazzled even thought the last few nights I got good sleep and last night I was able to clean and put away my Winter clothes.  I'm going to get to see my guy tonight and he is still totally wonderful.  I feel the other girl who I work with is angry with me or something and so because I FEEL that way - it must be true and because she seems to be blowing me off and not asking me for anything - I am angry.  I guess I am also angry because she asked me to rearrange my whole schedule to help her and I couldn't and it seems like she is mad.  I have worked for her so many times - so many hours - I mean - unreal.  She has also occasionally worked for me but still.  SEE I AM SO ANGRY.  However - despite that - I was just able to mail out sympathy cards to my little sisters in-laws because the Grandmother died.  I loved her!!!  She was such a great lady - so sweet.  Did I already write this?  I mean that she dies?  Anyway - the cards are totally late but I did it - when was I able to ever send out cards to anyone??  Never.  I was never able to do anything.  I would get high and think about it - plan out all I was going to do and I would never do it.  Isn't that so sad.  Oh my God - I can't even think about it.  Well - so there you go.  I need a meeting.  I'm also tired even though today was so totally boring.  Even the transsexual who came in here and tried on the same 3 pairs of pants over and over again for an hour and a half wasn't enough to interest me - although the first 6 pant changes were amusing.  Alright - well it's raining out and I love you bye.

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