Monday, June 16, 2014

Not a waitress anymore but still stressed out......

It's so crazy to me how progressive this disease ( slowly going down) was as I became a complete drunk - and how now with my healing the same progression (slowly healing back up).  I finally finished my last shift of waitressing - while at the same time realizing that how much I was paying on my student loan wasn't even making a DENT and then I came to the store this morning and accidentally gave someone back ALL THEIR MONEY - while trying to do one return.  Okay - what the fuck is that?  So - you know - it's still not being a waitress though.  I had the most beautiful day yesterday with the guy - we went to the beach - it was so so wonderful.  Well - I love him - that's all.  Now I am here at this store and I am so grateful it's not waitressing but it's still a job and I still need to keep my shit together.  I think I'm thirsty.  I miss writing on here so much.  I need water - I am going to go get a tea and water and some chocolate.  Can you imagine that I finally stopped waitressing???  I need another job.  As well - but it doesn't need to be that.  Slow, progressive healing.  It's okay.  Yeah.  Okay - tea - I need a tea.  I love you Bluebie - I miss you so much!!!!

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