Saturday, September 2, 2017

This again....

Well - omg can you even believe it?  I am going to write about his ex again.  Last week she called him - wait did I write about this?  I can't remember and I doesn't matter.  All that matters is twice now she has violated the order of protection and then today when we were sitting in an Alanon meeting she walked in.  I look at the guy and he has his eyes shut so I elbowed him because I am still not sure what she looks like - although now I'm pretty positive it's her and I Say "Is that your ex!?"  He says yes and gets up and I am like oh we are leaving and we leave right like that right?  We walk outside and I hear the door open behind us and I think that can't possibly be her right?  I turn around and IT'S HER.  I was like oh my God!  She's following us!  So he says something and I say no we are getting in the car.  I want zero confrontation.  Plus I am scared at this point - I mean what a fucking lunatic.  She has a full order of protection and follows us out!  Just like that - she didn't give a fuck!  We get in the car and he pulls out and she was gone - she must have gone back into the meeting.  Now I am at home and I don't feel well.  I already didn't feel good - I have been fighting this cold and that just knocked me down.  He is now at the police station trying to figure out what to do.  I mean I have SURGERY on Thursday but this woman needs to go to jail now.  It's okay that she somehow "ran" into us at a meeting she has never been to before or at least that I have known of - right?  But she fucking FOLLOWED US OUT.  Does any of this make sense?  Anyway.  I don't feel good now.  I felt a little better this morning but after that - not so much.  We have gone to that meeting for over 2 years and have never seen her there.  Do you know how I even recognized her?  She was wearing the same fucking outfit I saw her in a month and a half ago - at that woman's meeting where I took a picture of her car.  Isn't that so fucking bizarre?  I saw the shirt and pants as she walked by and was like oh that's odd - then she flipped her hair like she did in that ladies meeting and I was like WHOA holy fuck.  We were sitting in front of the door she walked in and there is at least 5-8 feet before she passed our chairs so she had to see him.  But she just marched right in that meeting anyway then as soon as we left she was like oh wait for me!  Let's talk this out!  Or whatever bullshit was going through her head.  How am I supposed to heal right now?  I need to get myself ready for this surgery and this woman is fucking nuts.  He just called and he has to go to a different police station.  Whatever at least he's going.  This woman does not deserve any more chances.  But also - there but for the grace of God go I.  I was a fucking LUNATIC when I was using and I still would be without the program.  Programs!  I have no idea why she can not just back off - does she have a brain tumor?  Is she on something hardcore?  I can't explain how bizarre it was to see that same outfit.  Does she only have one Summer outfit?  It's also 55 degrees today so it's not exactly Summer outfit weather.  Is this just the perfect distraction?  No.  It's scary.  She's nuts and she doesn't give a flying fuck.  She has been in Alanon for years - she knows he's in Alanon and I have never seen her at meetings until the last 2 months.  She lives in a completely different area.  She is trying to see us.  Okay, him.  Whatever - I just wanted to write this down so that there is a paper trail.  Once again Barbara Driscoll has created havoc.  If there was a full order of protection against me for someone and I saw them in a meeting I would - well first of all I wouldn't go anywhere near where I thought I might seen them.  She was not even the tiniest bit scared and that's what's fucking scary.  Fuck you Barbara Driscoll - you completely suck.  That being said I'm sorry you are suffering.  It sucks to be obsessed and not be able to control yourself - it really does.  I have been there (not like this) and not with the law involved or orders of protection - you have certainly taken it to another level BUT I do have compassion for you.  That being said - go fuck yourself one more time. 

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