Wednesday, April 12, 2017

So tired....

I'm so busy - it's so great!!  It's wonderful and I am grateful.  The kids are off this week so I only had them a couple of days so now I can catch up with life a little bit.  I have the podcast and a show tonight.  I feel better!  I mean heath-wise - not as depressed.  I am going to throw-up that I am this person but not eating gluten is helping me.  For me - I feel better.  Less - gross.  It's crazy.  I really just think it's blood type thing.  Omg I am so tired - I have to get ready.  Look I am never gong to get really political but Trump is a fucking idiot.  I just - I'm so embarrassed he's our president.  Just - wtf - I mean is this really happening?  Jesus - hes a hot crazy lunatic mess.  Okay gotta go.  Now I am PARANOID HES READING THIS.  Hahahahhaaa - yeah yeah that's happening and he gives a fuck.  Love you Bluebie byeeee.

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