Wednesday, October 12, 2016


So it's Wednesday - you probably know that or don't care - either way that's what day it is.  I am at home - working here today in my office.  I love being in here except that horrible neighbor is blow-drying his yard right now.  Man that guy creeps me out.  Not in like a perverted way but in a dark way.  I get it - I was dark.  I walked by his car today and it gave me the willlies.  Sooooooo.  So anyway - what am I doing?  I'm trying to work on something I'm writing so of course now I am writing on here.  Ha.  We did our podcast last night - it was so fun.  Man - that really gets me out of my head.  I started class again last night and there were 30 people in the class!  Oh my God!  And of course - I am not kidding you - I sit next to the one woman who is obsessively putting gum in her mouth, chewing it - spitting it out and then eating another one.  She also slowly and LOUDLY unwrapped each silver wrapped piece of it and then folded it slowly into her mouth.  Honest to God - rage.  It just flooded me inside with rage.  Not just because I have a sound problem but because it was DARK except ONSTAGE where someone was trying to POUR THEIR HEART out and she's the OBLY ONE MAKING NOISE.  After one piece I was llike okay, two pieces - OKAY - 3 pieces??  ARE YOU KIDDIING ME??  4 pieces and now we are to a completely different actor and when the lights went down I had to put my head back, take a deep breath and remind myself to NEVER SIT NEXT TO THIS WOMAN.  She also has no body awareness and drinks loudly out of her bottle of water.  Oh wow - I don't even remember anything from the class but that.  HA.  HA in a REALLY ANNOYED WAY.  I'm pretty sure she is on my team because she often has alcohol on her breath which is super sad.  I know that game too.  I used to get high and be so high that I couldn't smell the pot anymore and didn't think anyone else could either.  Haha - whoa.  Gotta go have sex bye.

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