Friday, July 16, 2010

My therapist blew me off today.

Yup - I got there a little bit early and she called and told me "Something has come up and could I reschedule for 7:15 later." This is at 2:45. Um - no - and go fuck yourself - now I never want to go back. What the fuck is that? She TOLD me I should be going more and I wanted to cancel today but I did not. I was so mad - and I left her a message and said that I was upset and that I didn't want to go on Thursdays anymore and then I'm going to call her and tell her I don't want to go at all anymore. What's the point? I'm miserable and it felt like she forgot and it also felt like she didn't have time for me on Thursdays anyway. I have to go to sleep. Whay a shitty day and I had my shirt on backwards and I was SooooOOOOssssoooooOOOoo fucking depressed today. Horrible. This is so bad. I have pms and I think that I'm never going to feel better. Inever HAVE so why is it going to start now? I have been going to her for 8 mother fucking years and she just forgot about me. And she never called me back again. Oh right because I'm supposed to SAY - "Please call me back so I can tell you off" and THEN she would call me. Whatever. Please let me get through work and this meeting tomorrow. Bye for angry now.


  1. Secret blue, been awhile since u posted, but I feel ya, little by little my therapist started skipping weeks, then by the time I confided something horrible I experienced in life, after that she could have cared less if I set up another appointment. Why do we talk to people that act like that? Thanks to her, I'll never speak to another again, and I could kick myself for revealing to her what I did. Life sucks, and I'm still better Off dealing with the scum on top of it all by myself. If you're going to be a psychologist, and think you might blow clients off at some point, get a new job.

  2. I always knew there was a well-rooted reason why I always hated and refused to speak to psychologists before this. Some people are just too busy with some people to help other people, whom they've already been working with for awhile.