Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Can you handle some good news??

The biopsy I had done yesterday morning came back benign.  I cried for 15 minutes while I did the dishes and I have been crying off and on since.  I didn't realize how completely terrified I was.  Holy shit.  Look I know this journey isn't totally over yet but still - holy shit.  I took care of myself though - the days before and yesterday.  Even today before they called.  I ate a huge delicious salad for breakfast and I was about to get to work taking care of different things.  I even went to the kids yesterday and did shows last night.  And it was crazy raining weather!  I just wanted to live and be alive.  Holy fuck who I am?  I really am a different person now.  It's mind blowing.  God I am so relieved.  It's a beautiful day - I am going to do some work and then take a shower and go to the kids.  Go to my meeting tonight and get some sleep tonight.  I was up till so late - it took me forever to get home - there were roads blocked off all over the place because of the rain and I drove in circles for like 30 minutes trying to get back home.  Okay LOVE YOU BLUEBIE BYE!

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